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Patented Technology

With FailSafe, even a non-technical end user can recover from service outages like fiber and cable cuts without having to call a phone company. This system supports outbound notification, Inbound and outbound conference calls, broadcast voice and text messages, and e-mail and fax forwarding. The system is adaptable “on the fly” and fully scalable to individuals, small groups, or thousands of recipients in minutes. In fact, most features of even the most sophisticated phone system can be duplicated in the cloud. 


Inbound Call Recovery

Major telecommunications disasters occur 80 times a day in the United States.  For businesses including call centers, banks, credit unions, retailers and others, when the phones stop ringing so does revenue.

FailSafe offers a patented system that assures inbound callers will get through to business and industry, no matter what happens.  Since your ITC will be a part of the FailSafe network, it will derive revenue each time it assists in helping us complete these calls. 

In fact, since our system is “always on” your company derives revenue any time there is any unexpected surge in calls which causes an overflow to the FailSafe cloud.  It’s a win win.  Your customers never again experience an all-trunks-busy condition.  Your ITCO derives a lucrative new source of revenue.

Command and Control Communications

In today’s world of near-instantaneous communications, problems go “viral” in minutes via social media.  News helicopters arrive on scene before the hapless organization even knows what happened. FailSafe provides executives with the capability to communicate instantly with key first responders and stay in control of any emergency.  For you the ITCO, this service also creates new revenue.  Each time the system is implemented, even during routine testing, your ITCO derives new revenue by helping us carry the calls to our cloud. 

The military calls this capability "4Ci."  Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence.  Today, seconds count for commercial organizations and emergency responders.  They demand a military-level of communications sophistication.  They find it with FailSafe.