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A New Opportunity for Independent Telephone Companies (ITCOs)

A Profitable New Service for Rural America

Where did all the money go for Independent Telephone Companies (ITCOs)? Customers are fleeing landlines for cell phones. Carrier Access Billing (CABS) revenue has dropped to a trickle. “Triple Plays” that combine phone, Internet and TV are dominated by players larger than you.

Is there anything left that makes money?

FailSafe Communications, Inc. offers a wholesale disaster recovery product that can be resold by your company to police, fire, 911 centers, universities, hospitals, call centers, banks, credit unions, and others.

FailSafe can revolutionize the financial prospects for Independent Telephone Companies.  It’s easy to get started with FailSafe, too. One small annual fee covers everything needed to get you started.

How FailSafe Works

FailSafe’s cloud based service can be sold within your traditional service area, or even outside it. Your company gains significant new revenue from its existing customers. It is also earns new long distance and access revenue every time one of your customers activates or tests the service. 

Wholesale Customer Branding and White Labeling Available

  • Low Cost of Entry

  • We Handle Your Training

  • We Handle Provisioning in the Cloud

  • Professional Help with Marketing Materials and Billing Inserts

  • Competitive Wholesale Pricing

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Why ITCOs Need FailSafe

FailSafe understands your business. We know the big guys are re-monopolizing and opportunities for independents are limited.

FailSafe works for ITC0s whether they are large or small.  If you do not have a dedicated sales force, we can help sell the service for you and pay your firm a generous override.  If you do have a sales force, we will train them to offer disaster recovery both inside and outside your service area.  No other product allows you to expand your service footprint and create this level of revenue.

If you want to try a completely new way of increasing revenue, why not consider offering our revolutionary new disaster recovery services? It might just be the best decision you make all year.

After all, “Found Money is a Good Thing.”