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Imagine Selling New High Profit Services, Both Inside and Outside Your Service Area! We Can Help You Get Started Today!

Easy to Sell - A SNAP TO SET UP

When your company places an order with FailSafe, we turn-key the whole job. No new capital investment is required because every thing you will need is in our cloud. When the trunks to a 911 center, hospital, police, fire department, municipality, or other essential services, all become busy (due to unusual congestion, cable cut or other disaster) your customer’s call will automatically fail over to our system. This fail over occurs over your normal 1+ trunks. The calls traverse our cloud and are answered wherever your customer decides to answer them.

Your customer controls the forwarding through our cloud and can change call destination based on the unique situation – without having to call you. What this means is that no matter how big the disaster is, critical 911 customers, hospitals, or government offices will never again experience a fast busy. And YOU can bill CABS every time your customer implements or tests the configuration!

Protect Your MOST Critical Customers

Critical 911 center in your area?  Other essential services? Restore communications for the most critical users using surviving Internet connectivity, or satellite for disasters where no terrestrial infrastructure remains. A pre-defined priority system, defined by the end user, keeps 911 centers, hospitals, police, fire departments, municipalities, and other essential services connected with first responders when they need them most, no matter what kind of disaster. Our systems transparently deliver inbound and outbound 911 calls through existing Customer Premise Equipment, or alternately, to backup locations or Mobile Command Units. Each can be rapidly changed on the fly before, during or after a disaster.

FailSafe Helps Reduce Liability:  The FCC and other regulators are levying huge fines against operators for “sunny day outages” that affect public safety.  Now you can reduce your company’s liability while you safeguard communications and help save lives.

Protect Against Cable and Fiber Cuts

Excavation accidents involving pipelines, gas, electric, telecom, and other buried facilities in Public Right Of Way occur over 100,000 times each year, and cost billions. Beyond physical damage, facility owners and users alike may endure contamination, product loss, negative press, regulatory exposure, and high insurance rates. Now you can protect your assets and your customers, especially critical 911 centers, hospitals, police, fire departments, municipalities, and other essential services.

Military-Grade Command and Control

When disaster strikes, things need to happen NOW based on accurate information. Consider the military. We have all seen movies where the general picks up the “red phone” and is in instant control of a situation. Today, commercial organization demand “military-grade” command and control, and they find it with us.