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Our solutions have been recognized and published worldwide

…We got over $2 million in business from a major airline for a nickel. In view of that fact, no one has been able to convince Sharon and I that disaster recovery must be a losing proposition.
— Disaster Recovery for Communications and Critical Infrastructure, (c) Artech House Books, by Leo A. and Sharon M. Wrobel

A Few Highlights from 25 Years of REAL Solutions:

  • One of our municipal clients faced the unthinkable when their City Hall literally burned to the ground!  Even so, municipal and emergency calls were redirected within an hour using a system we designed and installed.
  • Another client, a major airline, faced a disaster each time an ice storm struck their Texas hub.  Using a system we designed, the airline gained the ability to redirect hundreds of inbound local phone lines to unaffected call centers using a single pin code.  All from the warmth and comfort of their call center manager’s home!
  • We performed a “keel to crow’s nests” Vulnerability Analysis for a 76-billion-dollar client 1 1/2 times the size of the Pentagon.  Their CIO’s comment about us speaks for itself: “You have us pegged. Your methodology is perfect, don’t change it.” – CEO of 76-Billion-Dollar Services Client

Having been through the DR process before, I knew there were too many details to leave up to my memory. The guide did help immensely in pointing out many of the small details. It also provided me with the written reasoning to provide to the business units in justifying DR and why it is so costly and time consuming. Our DR strategy is well underway. I continue much of my business units cooperation to ideas I was able to convey because of the book.
— P M Solutions, Inc.

Five Stars on Amazon.com

“…a scholarly examination of how the vulnerabilities in modern-day infrastructure can best be protected from threats such as terrorism and natural disasters.”

“…from hospitals to power grids to large business enterprises, ‘first alert’ procedures, and much more.”

“…an absolute must-have for disaster recovery planners and anyone else responsible for planning for worst-case scenarios.  Highly recommended.”

“Certainly the best overall resource for Business Resumption that I have found to date.  This will be my ‘go to’ manual during this entire planning process.”