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Common Questions and Answers

Q.     What is FailSafe?
A.    FailSafe is in use by banks, hospitals, and 911 centers nationwide. This patented system allows end users to coordinate responders in disasters, stay in contact with callers during network disruptions, and overflow to “emergency” call paths during unexpected spikes in inbound calls. The customer controls the system without having to call a phone company.

Q.    How Does It Work?
A.    The basic package is a full-featured license. It is designed for your own internal recovery plan, for training, and to mitigate Sunny Day outage exposure. If your local telco is a FailSafe affiliate, the service is conveniently billed on your phone bill. If your phone company is not yet set up, just call us and we will activate you directly.

Q.    Where Is FailSafe Available?
A.    The service is available nationwide, in fact, anywhere that is part of the North American Numbering Plan. In addition to our terrestrial infrastructure, satellite communications is also available, keeping you in business when all else fails.

Q.    What Does It Cost?
A.    It starts at less than $400 a month.