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About Leo A. Wrobel


Leo A. Wrobel’s talent for exploiting changes in technology, law, risk management and regulation have earned him broad acclaim for over 30 years.  In 1986, he built the first computer disaster recovery center inside a telephone office and was the first in Texas to run telephone traffic over a cable TV system.  

Leo leveraged a 1995 Texas law on behalf of another of his clients, a $70 billion services company, which became the first end user in the US to receive “unbundled” telecom pricing – the year before the Federal Telecom Act of 1996 was passed.    

Since 2004 Mr. Wrobel has been CEO of the Leo A. Wrobel Companies, including FailSafe Communications, Inc.  His practices include over 60 clients.  Leo also provides high end consulting and expert witness support in complex technology lawsuits.  

Leo has been a guest speaker for the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, in most of the 50 states, and in other locales as diverse as Santiago Chile and Tel Aviv Israel.  He has appeared on TV news programs.  He is the author of 12 books and over 1000 trade articles, including:

  • Understanding Emerging Network Services, Pricing and Regulation
  • Disaster Recovery Planning for Communications and Critical Infrastructure
  • Business Resumption Planning - Second Edition
  • The MIS and LAN Managers Guide to Advanced Telecommunications
  • The Definitive Guide to Business Resumption Planning

Education and Other Experience: B.G.S. Business and Public Policy, University of Texas at Dallas.  Two A.A. degrees, Telecommunications System Technology and in Electronic Systems Technology, Los Angeles City College.  Vietnam Era Veteran (USAF), served three years in Japan.  Amateur Extra Class Radio license, KW5P.  President of the Network and Systems Professionals Association (NaSPA), a 28 year old non-profit for information technologists.  Former City Councilman and Mayor, City of Ovilla Texas.

About  Philip N. Diehl


Philip N. Diehl has held senior positions in business and government, including chief of staff of the U.S. Treasury, staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, and 35th Director of the United States Mint.  He has extensive experience in the telecom industry, serving as vice president of government relations for a long distance carrier and director of telecom regulation for the Texas Public Utility Commission. At the PUC, he spearheaded regulatory reforms in the wake of the 1984 Bell system divestiture and was the PUC’s liaison to the Texas Legislature during a major rewrite of the state’s telecommunications law.  He was instrumental in founding the state’s first programs to make telephone service affordable to low-income households and telecom services available to the deaf. 

Mr. Diehl served U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen as legislative director and rose to become staff director of the Senate Finance Committee.  Treasury Secretary Bentsen appointed Mr. Diehl chief of staff of the U.S. Treasury.  Later, President Bill Clinton nominated him to be the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint.  Mr. Diehl was confirmed by a unanimous vote of the Senate.  

Mr. Diehl spearheaded a dramatic turnaround of the Mint.  Under his leadership, the Mint increased profits from $726 million to $2.6 billion a year.  Those profits are returned to the Mint’s owners, the American taxpayer. Among the impressive achievements during Mr. Diehl’s tenure, the Mint earned the second-highest customer satisfaction rating on the University of Michigan School of Business American Customer Satisfaction Index, trailing only Mercedes Benz.

Mr. Diehl has been awarded Advertising Age’s Top 100 in Marketing, the U.S. Treasury Gold Medal for Outstanding Public Service,  the American Society for Public Administration’s Executive Leadership Award, and the St. Joseph’s Day Award for Values-Based Leadership.  His work has been featured in Fast Company, the New York Times,  The Washington Post, The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner,  The Art and Science of Leadership (5th Edition) by Afsaneh Nahavandi, and in the National Press Club luncheon series.  He has made numerous appearances on network television and has been published in the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Diehl is currently President of United States Money Reserve, a retailer of precious metal products and services on several industry boards.  He earned a B.A. degree from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, and an M.A. in Government from the University of Texas at Austin and pursued post-graduate studies at Stanford University.